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Okay, so I've been out of school for almost two weeks, and I've been super lazy during that time (and I doubt anyone is surprised about that). So, I've been thinking about challenging myself to post something every day. So, here's a fun game, kids: see how long it takes for me to miss a day! Well, days where my internet decides to not work (which is often) don't count, so I'll make up for missed posts on those days. Also, when I end up moving at some indeterminate point in the future, I may not post then. This is just a game to see if we can catch me being lazy. ;3
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Oh hey, I haven't really done much here for a while.


Uh, I do have some drawings and stuff, I just need to take photos and upload them. Until then, have a dragon:

Anyways, I've mostly been busy with school, but the Sims 3 likes to nibble on my life as we all know. That game is too much fun.
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Pst guys, guess who has a brother and also started a new blog with that brother! It's me! All sorts of crazy adventures lie in wait in the Accursed Grimoire!
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Guess what everyone? FKOD has entered a contest!…

For those of you who don't know what Adventure Time is... Go watch Adventure Time. That is my suggestion.
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I'm back home! :3 And guess what? I completed exactly one picture while in Florida! :U I could have done more but the pool beckoned to me with its blue wateryness. Also, ponies. Gotta love them ponies. :iconpinkiepieplz:
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Guess what, I'm in Florida right now! Yeah, I would have mentioned it earlier, except the power went out in my house on Wednesday, and on Thursday I was at my grandparent's house. But yeah, I'm sort of chillin' right now. I have my sketchpad, so I can draw stuff, but guess who forgot the camera? You probably guessed it was me, because if you guessed someone else, then... uh... you're wrong.


Anyways, I am pretty giddy because I finally got around to finishing Pokemon White. And I didn't have a single Pokemon over level 50, so I basically managed it by having a Pokemart's worth of healing items. :la:


Man I've been awake since like 4:30 or something so I'm feeling particularly derpy from being tired. :U OH WELL, I CAN SLEEP IN. On a side note, I love that icon. :3
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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay no more homework and stuff!

Now I can be lazy-- I mean, draw and stuff. Yeah. Totally.
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So my bro and I watched the Street Fighter movie last night for the lulz. And it was definitely lulzy and a bit weird.

Anyways, I submitted some stuff! :D I'm not a completely lazy derpfaced tushhat! Wooooooo.

Also, I found this sizely meme on :iconlil-twilight-wolf:'s journal and I was bored so I filled it out. So, ready for a beastly-sized meme? No? Oh well!

Ryyx Vensen Lanren

2. Age:

3. Gender:

4. How tall is s/he?:
4'11" (HE'S SHORT but that's normal for his race don't worry)

5. Describe their eyes:
Solid colored purple

6. Sexuality:

7. Race/Species:
Niriphale (pale, kind of short, live underground, crazy solid color eyes, otherwise just like humans)

8. Siblings?:
3, two sisters, one bro

9. Lover(s)?:

10. Any talents or abilities, even if these are included in your canon (i.e. they can fly, but they live with angels, so everyone can fly)?:
Magic and magical devices and stuff are his thing. Also he can use relic weapons (HE'S SPECIAL EXCEPT NOT REALLY BECAUSE LIKE ANOTHER SEVERAL THOUSAND PEOPLE CAN DO THAT BUT WHATEVER).

11. Any talents and abilities that are unusual in their canon (i.e. a psychic human in real life)?:

12. What's their religion/belief system?:
He says he believes in the Goddess (she has a name but no one but priests are allowed to say it because she is special or something I guess) but that's only so he can be all like "Oh my Goddess" and stuff. He's not very religious.

13. Have you ever renamed, redesigned, or reworked this person? How?:
Yeah, in the slow digestive process in my head that is character developing. :U It takes me a while to come with ideas that I'm satisfied with.

14. Do they have an alternate form?:

15. Are they based on a real person?:
Also nope.

16. Or another character?:
Maybe a bit of Cyz's stupidity and some of Tim Burr's rage (both from the Attackening, a comic my bro and I do on the MSPA forums. If you do look it up, THE ART GETS BETTER I SWEAR I STARTED THAT FOREVER AGO).

17. Do they go to school?:
He's done with education, but he used to have a mentor who taught him stuff like HOW TO BE A BEASTLY ADVENTURER (Ryyx isn't beastly though, sorry).

18. How often do they spend in front of a mirror?:
Enough to fix up his hair in the morning, I guess.

19. If given a gun, what would they do?:

20. What do they like wearing?:
Hats, capes, long gloves, boots.

21. Describe their hair:
It's a dull red and it is kind of short but shorter in the back okay I can't describe hair I give up.

22. Where does this character live?:
In a crappy apartment in a city called Ahiin in a country called veshiana in a continent called Vesh in a world called Ne.

23. Can they cook?:
He can, but it usually results in him getting cut, burnt, or otherwise injured. KITCHEN IS NOT PLACE FOR RYYX.

24. Would they enjoy a surprise party thrown for them?:

25. Have they ever killed someone?
Yeah. First time was self defense, after that it was just bandits or criminals.

26. Do they feel guilty about that killing/multiple killings?:
A bit about the first one, but not as much now.

27. Any secrets?:

28. Do they have a tattoo? Do they want one?:
Yeah, there's one on his back. Abstract wing thingies.

29. What about piercings?:

30. Medical conditions?:
He's lactose intollerant. Every time he sees someone eating ice cream he feels depressed.

31. Are they generally violent?:
Only when angry, but that happens pretty often, so I guess the answer is yes. He's very peaceful and cheery when he's in a good mood, though.

32. Are they shy or outgoing?:

33. Honest or deceitful?:
Mostly honest, but occasionally he tries to sweep something under the rug.

34. Optimistic or Pessimistic?:
Depends on his mood, I guess.

35. Loving or distant?:
Loving. <3

36. Young or old?:

37. Bad or good?:
Again, it depends on his mood.

38. Are they good at winning an argument?:
No, he's sort of dumb.

39. Name something unusual about them:
He seems to get followed around by demons a lot. Maybe he's cursed...

40. Are they a virgin?:

41. Have they ever had sex with their own gender?:

42. Name some prejudices s/he has:
He hates vampires with a passion (to niriphale they are a pest, much like rodents or spiders). Mention Twilight to him and he will get started on a rant, it's hilarious.

43. Give me something random about them:
He's sort of bipolar.

44. Do they drink?:

45. Smoke?:

46. Do drugs?:
Also nope.

47. Are they addicted to anything?:
Nope again.

48. What's their impression on people at first glance?:
Seems like a okay guy.

49. Is this true once they're more well known to someone?:
As long as he doesn't get angry.

50. Name something that's different about them now than when you first came up with them:
He used to be like a henchman or something but not anymore.

51. Is there anything about this character that's surprising to you?:
I still don't know why I'm so obsessed with this guy, a character I make usually doesn't hold my interest this long... :V

52. How was their childhood?:
His parents were strict with him (to be fair, he was a friggin' loose cannon as a kid), so he didn't get much freedom until he started studying with his mentor, Aparus.

53. What's one of their weaknesses?:
He lets things get to him. He can't ignore something he doesn't like. AND HE DOESN'T KNOW SELF RESTRAINT. D:

54. Their greatest strength?
He can be really stubborn when he wants to be (in a good way, in a DETERMINED way).

55. Something they hate:
A demon named Efisngenana who loves to annoy him all the time. Also houseflies.

56. Something they love:

57. How's their self esteem?:
Okay, but not great.

58. One thing they hate about themselves:
His physical limitations. GOSH DARN IT STOP GETTING TIRED, BODY. >:0

59. One thing they love about themselves:
His looks! -3-

60. How's their ego?:
It needs more stroking.

61. Describe their past:
He was a loose cannon kid on the edge in his youth, so his parents kept him inside the house most of the time. Ryyx really hated this and until he was sent to live with his mentor he was really miserable and cranky. But when he started studying with Aparus he became more cheerful and made some friends despite his derpiness (being cooped up inside= poor social skills). There was Airon who was his bestest friend evah, Nioka who just sort of thought Ryyx was hilarious, and Omirin who he actually started dating (awkward teenage romance time yeah). However, Omirin's mentor, Tesira, thought that Aparus was part of some kind of conspiracy (and for all we know, he could have been!) and she decided to get at him by trying to murder Ryyx. But when she came at him with a knife Ryyx was all like "Oh crap" and he shot Tesira WITH MAGIC and she got the deadsies. After this, Omirin was all like "what the crap Ryyx" and she broke up with him (there was probably more drama involved than I'm showing here, but WHO CARES ABOUT DRAMA).

So Aparus was all like, "Hey Ryyx want to get out of here and go to Ahiin?" and Ryyx was all like, "I don't know where that is but okay!" So they moved into a crappy apartment and Aparus became a high-school teacher while Ryyx joined the adventurer's guild. BUT one summer day Aparus just disappeared for no reason (unless... there IS a reason! Bum bum bum!) and Ryyx was all like "Oh crap rent" and then one of Aparus's students who would visit for tutoring came for to visit Aparus for a while except Aparus wasn't there. So the student, Epere, asks Ryyx where he was and Ryyx was all like "Can you pay rent?" and Epere was all like, "What?" So Ryyx explained what happened and Epere agreed to move in because he wanted to get away from his family because they were sort of crazy. And then a while later Airon had messed up in his job and got fired and since he is terrible with money he was all like "Um, Ryyx, can I mooch off-- I mean, live with you?" and Ryyx was all like "Hecks yes" because they were bestest friends forever (and eventually they like fell in love or something so yeah). Also Epere and Airon became adventurers because Epere had nothing better to do (all the bums who have no direction in life become adventurers, it's a fact!) and Airon thought it would be fun. Later they were joined by Ramada, a thief who had been caught and had a buttload of debt to pay to a bunch of nobles (she was one of those Robin Hood types, she did all in the name of JUSTICE and stuff), and Kinene, a medic who needed a job. Anyways one day they found a huge pile of treasure and Ryyx started goofing around with something he didn't recognize (he did this because he is dumb) and he found out that he had the capacity to become a relic knight. So he was all like "Hey guys I'm a relic knight" and Ramada was all like "No you need to get training before it is official" and Ryyx was all like :(. So anyways Ryyx ended up being trained by a relic knight named Vivian who pretty much works him way too hard and now Ryyx is all angsty about it or something.


THIS FRIGGIN' BIOGRAPHY IS WAY TOO LONG. :U Also possibly subject to change, idunno.

62. How was their family life?:
His parents (especially his dad) were strict, and he was a jerk to his sisters. He isn't mean to his sisters now, but he still harbors resentment for his parents.

63. Are they happy now? Why?:
He's happy about having friends and his dream job and stuff, less so about his relic knight training.

64. Do you like them?:
Yes. No idea why, though. :U Maybe it's because he's so derpy.

65. Would you get along with them if you met them in real life?:
Hm. I think there's a good chance I would tick him off and that would be that.

66. Would they like you?:
Probably... not?

67. Are they smart?:
Hurr, no.

68. Are they tricky?:
Hecks no.

69. Do you know how they are going to die?:
Not yet.

70. Do you plan on killing them off?:
Probably not.

71. Do they like to read?:

72. What's their favorite… book?:
Idunno. I imagine he likes fantasy novels the best.

73. Movie?:
Street Fighte-- wait no.

74. Person?:

75. Time of day?:

76. Animal?:

77. Thing to do?:
Practice his guitar playing (he'll stop being terrible at in one day)

78. Are you tired of this meme yet?
Nah, not really.

79. Has it helped you?:
A bit.

80. Will you do it for another character?

81. Go tag someone.
All of the people who read this. All of them.
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I'm going on a week-long field trip next week.

So basically, expect updates like they usually are! :V But seriously, school is starting to slack off quite a bit, so there's more arting time.

Then again... I have been addicted to The Sims 3 as of late. Oh well, if it gets too bad, maybe my family will arrange an intervention or something.
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Lately, I've been getting all of the homework. All of it. It's pretty terrible, as those of you who go to my school would know. This has pretty much been the toughest semester ever for me. Which is weird, because last semester wasn't so difficult. BASICALLY FKOD IS A SAD PANDA.
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I got a tablet for Christmas! I'm so giddy that I could actually submit a deviation! Woooooooooooooo.
Well, guess who has two thumbs and a scanner that's being derpy. It's me. Well, I'm not the only one with a derpy scanner but okay.

Jeegus, it's been forever since I submitted anything.
Oh hey.

I imagine the previous journal entry makes little to no sense in the context of the profile page, which now actually has some art on it!!!

So yeah. I still have another sketch to put up and some pictures to take. I can't upload a ton of crap at once or my internet will slow down, which is never fun.
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Okay, so I have yet to put up any art. I will at some point, really, I just need to scan some crap and take some pictures. I've had very little time to do either because of school and family. But hey, maybe someday you will get to see something I've done. I have some sketches I'd like to put up, and I have some dolls that are itching to get in the spotlight. It'll happen some day.

Some day.
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